It's been a while since we've had so much in production at the same time.  Last weekend we wrapped production for To Wander Ros Cala: The Beatitude.  Check out these behind the scenes photos.  Keep your eyes peeled for the full film soon, as well as some behind the scenes content.



My professor is currently working in a production team. I would like to enter in a production soon. I am good in photography skills. I want to work with many people. The pictures in this post are inspiring. I feel so excited to see your new film. I can’t wait to see myself working in a film industry. I know I’m going to face a lot of problems, but I am ready.

02/25/2017 9:10pm

I am a Mass Communication graduate. We used to work on our own production team. I missed the late night shooting and brainstorming of ideas. You to worked as a team too achieve your goals. It was really fulfilling to see the final output of your hard work.

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