The teaser trailer for HaloUnion's upcoming Atlanta-based super hero film, Triumphant is out now.  Triumphant is being directed by Garrett Dumas and is adapted from the comic book by Tony Van Dyke of the same name.  Starring Braxton Cosby.  Stay tuned for the full film!
Check out the Behind the Scenes for our upcoming super-hero film, Triumphant!
Check out the Behind the Scenes special for our upcoming film, To Wander Ros Cala.
It's been a while since we've had so much in production at the same time.  Last weekend we wrapped production for To Wander Ros Cala: The Beatitude.  Check out these behind the scenes photos.  Keep your eyes peeled for the full film soon, as well as some behind the scenes content.

We very recently wrapped production for our first upcoming Triumphant film, starring Braxton Cosby..  Triumphant is based on the comic of the same name, written by Tony Van Dyke.

Check out these behind the scenes photos!
Today, HaloUnion turns 10 years old.  Part of me can't believe it is that old and the other part can't believe it has only been 10 years.  We have had so many incredible people be a part of the HaloUnion legacy and every single project brings back incredible memories.  I would name drop, but then I'm sure I'd forget someone, so I'm just going to hope you all know who you are.  HaloUnion has been a completely life transforming experience and one that will keep on for decades to come.

Viva la Revolution.

The Gauntlet is showing at a couple upcoming festivals; starting with the First Nations Film and Video Festival in Chicago and the Indie Wise Festival in Miami. More to come! 


Halo Union Productions recently released their new music video entitled Chains, by Christian rock band, The Living.  The video consists of lead vocalist and song writer, Grant Butler, and guitar player, Austin Dykes, alongside guest drummer, Josh Seehorn.  The song comes from the seventh track off their debut album, Healing Hands.  Directed by Nathan Walters and Ben Walters, the video was filmed in Athens, GA, as well as in parts of North Carolina.

Director Ben Walters stated, “We just wanted to go out and make an impactful video that was as compelling as the song, and I hope we managed to do that”.

Nathan Walters, also stated, “Creating more music videos is definitely a major goal for Halo Union.  We’re just getting started, here.  Be on the lookout for more in the future”.

You can purchase Chains, as well as the rest of the album, Healing Hands, here:
The wait is finally over!  The Gauntlet is out now!

The Q&A With Carnell Holley

Carnell Holley (Black Panther) recently released a Q&A answering numerous questions from the fans on Back in Red & Black and The Gauntlet.  Check it out and get some valuable insight on what all happened behind the scenes!


We just finished touring through Panama City Beach Comic Con and Jekyll Comic Con.  Huge thanks to everyone who came out and saw our panels, took a picture with us, or snagged a flyer.  Also huge thanks to the Cons for hosting us!  Check out the pictures below.

The Gauntlet Update

In the past couple of weeks, we've had countless people asking us about the release date.  Last week, we locked picture which means we now have a finished cut of the entire film; which is a big deal as the cuts were so crucial and required meticulous decisions.  With that being said, the official release date will be... (drum roll please)...

December 31

The video will be on  We'll see you there!