Today, HaloUnion turns 10 years old.  Part of me can't believe it is that old and the other part can't believe it has only been 10 years.  We have had so many incredible people be a part of the HaloUnion legacy and every single project brings back incredible memories.  I would name drop, but then I'm sure I'd forget someone, so I'm just going to hope you all know who you are.  HaloUnion has been a completely life transforming experience and one that will keep on for decades to come.

Viva la Revolution.



12/02/2016 9:22am

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12/24/2016 6:15am

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01/06/2017 10:01pm

Congratulations on your 10th year Halo union. Continue to do what you are really working hard for. I think being on the 10th year is quite awesome. I hope for more years to come. Again, congratulations and long live!

12/06/2016 4:15pm

As your follower, I can't believe you've reached 10 years in digital world! Well on the other hand, it's not surprising since you have produced great projects for the past years and that is one factor why you have reached this point. You created unique characters and viewers love it. Continue making projects because we are sure, you still have great years ahead of you!

12/07/2016 11:27pm

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01/04/2017 12:04am

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