We had an incredible time meeting a plethora of fans at Epicon in Atlanta last Saturday.  Thank you to everyone who came and saw our panel, snapped a picture, and gave us a high five (or low five if you were feeling edgy).  We're constantly amazed by the amount of support and love from everyone.  Below is a small gallery from the con.



02/21/2016 10:42pm

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07/12/2016 9:12pm

Congratulations with your success in Atlanta last Saturday. Epicon seemed like a fantastic and great event. Too bad I wasn't able to attend because of some urgent matters at work. I would really be interested if you could make more events like these. I definitely promise to be there the next time. I wouldn't miss another chance at meeting you people and have fun with this type of atmosphere.

01/18/2017 3:50am

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I an glad that you had such success at epicon. It is very great that you have such support. And it is very nice and funny pictures. Hope you had so much fun there.

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