In August, we OFFICIALLY wrapped Deadpool & Black Panther: The Gauntlet.  I simply cannot express how incredible it was to work with such an amazing cast and crew.  So many people giving up their weekends and coming together for a single cause.

Since then, we've been hard at work in post production.  This is a very post production heavy project, and so it is taking a great deal of time.

We've received a wealth of people asking us when the film will be released.  We're excited to say, that as of now, we are expecting a 2015 release.

We will, without a doubt, keep you posted as we move forward these next couple months.

We had an incredible time meeting a plethora of fans at Epicon in Atlanta last Saturday.  Thank you to everyone who came and saw our panel, snapped a picture, and gave us a high five (or low five if you were feeling edgy).  We're constantly amazed by the amount of support and love from everyone.  Below is a small gallery from the con.

For those who don't know, writer, director and star of The Gauntlet, Garrett Dumas, was shot after leaving set for our upcoming anticipated sequel to Back In Red & Black.  Since then however, through unrelenting dedication and hard work, Garrett has recovered and an inspiring rate.  We're incredibly proud of him and honored to get to work with him through this film.

We are thrilled by the amount of people who have asked "how much longer?" Because it fills us with joy to see so many people who care and take interest in these films.  It makes the vast hours of work and long days very much worth it.

We are super excited to announce that we will resume production on August 15.

Thank you all for your continued support,

Halo Union

Back in Red & Black just hit a major milestone!  100,000 views!  We are EXTREMELY grateful for everyone's support.  So many people have watched the film, shared the film, and subscribed.  We really appreciate everyone and enjoy talking with people and getting feedback.  Please enjoy this short message from some of our team.
The second teaser for our upcoming Deadpool & Black Panther: The Gauntlet fan film is out now!  Watch below!
Due to popular demand, The Gauntlet, the sequel to Back In Red & Black, is currently underway.  But until then, enjoy this teaser.

Halo Union Productions has recently green lit the script for their upcoming short film, Omega.  Omega takes place on the final day of earth.  River, a teenager from the suburbs who was abandoned by his parents, must discover where he belongs in his final moments.

The film, now in pre-production, was written by Halo Union’s Nathan Walters and is being directed by Ben Walters and Nathan Walters.  The film will be shot entirely on locations around the Atlanta area and while recruiting professionals throughout the Atlanta film community.

The film was inspired by various musicians native to the Atlanta area.  Once completed, the film is planned to schedule throughout the festival circuit.