The Q&A With Carnell Holley

Carnell Holley (Black Panther) recently released a Q&A answering numerous questions from the fans on Back in Red & Black and The Gauntlet.  Check it out and get some valuable insight on what all happened behind the scenes!


We just finished touring through Panama City Beach Comic Con and Jekyll Comic Con.  Huge thanks to everyone who came out and saw our panels, took a picture with us, or snagged a flyer.  Also huge thanks to the Cons for hosting us!  Check out the pictures below.

The Gauntlet Update

In the past couple of weeks, we've had countless people asking us about the release date.  Last week, we locked picture which means we now have a finished cut of the entire film; which is a big deal as the cuts were so crucial and required meticulous decisions.  With that being said, the official release date will be... (drum roll please)...

December 31

The video will be on  We'll see you there!